Thursday, September 28, 2006

Otak Otak Burger

Most of us here in SG who enjoyed our childhood years from the 60s andn70s will remember the otak otak hawker that comes around every other day with his mobile charcoal stove and sticks of coconut leaf wrapped with a paste of blended fish meat, spices and coconut milk. Such street snacks were sheer delight and something affordable from our daily canteen allowance despite being repeatedly told not to buy food from outside hawkers by our school principal.
The Nonyas have a more deluxe version wrapped in banana leaves and sometimes include extra items like prawn meat or squid. Eaten with Nasi Lemak (coconut milk flavoured rice) or as a filling for a hot sandwich, Otak Otak is synonymous with SG cuisine and evokes nostalgic feelings for many who grew up in this era.
The invasion of fast food in the local scene has started to see the adaptation of local flavours into burgers and sandwiches. Here’s my take on the Asian Otak burger served with Mango Pomelo Salsa in Thai Sweet Chili Dressing.

Recipe will be uploaded later.

Meanwhile enjoy the beauty of the picture.....


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