Friday, November 10, 2006

Cocoa Sensations

The Chocolate Factory
The Pier on Robertson Quay
80 Mohamed Sultan Road#01-11
Singapore 239013
Telephone: 62359007
Fax:: 63000691

Chocoholics will love this new place entirely dedicated to the cocoa bean. Pastry Chef Laurent Bernard is the man behind all its entire range of chocolate related pastries, desserts and fine pralines. The man is a wizard in the art of chocolate making which is an important discipline in the culinary world of pastry arts. Making good chocolates not only relies on good skills and quality ingredients, the environment have to be right too. Such is that a part of The Chocolate Factory is carved out specifically just for the production of chocolates with temperature and humidity controlled. The chocolate room displays all of Chef Bernard’s creations where customers can get to see him sometimes in action too. Using one of the world’s finest chocolate covertures from Amedei, Tuscany, Chef Bernard transforms them into individual elegant pieces of art and indulgence featuring different types of spices, fruits, nuts and flavours.

Besides making chocolates, Chef Bernard also offers a menu that showcases his culinary prowess in the art of pastry. Regular chocolate related desserts like Chocolate Souffles, chocolate garnache filled gateaux cakes and a very smooth Chocolate Pie were some of the items available. Brownies, chocolate cookies and biscottis are also available and there is always the house made hot chocolate to wash down the pastries. A regular selection of different blends of coffee and gourmet teas are available too as an alternative.

The must try here is the Chocolate Souffle which is a test of the Chef’s skills. As the soufflé is baked only upon order, be prepared to wait at least 20 minutes or more if there are other orders in front of you. It is however worth the wait as the well risen soufflé comes with a nice bittersweet chocolate sauce on the side. The hot soufflé drenched with the chocolate sauce is simply heavenly on the palette and it will make the most difficult tantrum throwing lady smile too! The well beaten meringue provides the soufflé with light airy texture and the bitter chocolate comes through during the baking process against the sweet meringue.

The other must try is the Chocolate Tart With Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Tuiles and Whipped Cream. Filled with extra smooth garnache, the elegant tart was the perfect accompaniment to the Lemon Verbena tea that we ordered. The pastry crust had a buttery fragrant but was not oily or greasy at all on the palate. My wife N commented that this was one of the best chocolate tarts she has ever tasted and I fully agree too. In fact it would be nicer if it was served with dark chocolate ice cream but the whipped cream was fine too.

For a pair of Chocoholics like us, it was an afternoon of sweet talk and pure indulgence.

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