Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gastronomic Emporium

Les Halles
102 Cours Lafayette
Part Dieu 69003
Lyon, France

A trip to Lyon and its gastronomic restaurants will not be completed without checking out where u can find some of the best ingredients used by the Chefs in their respective restaurants. Lyon's cuisine owes its virtuosity first of all to the quality of local produce. The farms of the Bresse and Charolais regions, the wild game of the Dombes, the fish from the Savoy lakes, the fruits and vegetables of the Rhone valley and the Forez region are all within easy reach and supply the essential ingredients for Lyon's famed cuisine. While there are many farmers markets around the city on different days that offers artisan produce from cheese to hams, preserves and confitures, the epicenter of all things epicurean lies can be found at Les Halles, Lyon’s premium foods market that is endorsed by their very own culinary icon, Chef Paul Bocuse. Situated along Cours Lafayette, Les Halles is a culinary Mecca for all chefs who plan to visit the city of Lyon. It houses many fine products from freshly slaughtered Bresse Chickens to aged beef, foie gras, wild game, confitures and marmalade, fresh seafood, caviar and truffles, fancy pastries and chocolates, Boulangerie and charcuterie items, cheeses and wines.

The experience is very much like going to a premium food hall, seeing all the beautiful displays and getting hammered with creative ideas that can fuel an adrenaline rush for any passionate chef to just pick up the items and cook it off right away. Every individual shop in Les Halles has their own character and signature produce, displayed in their own unique way. Some shops also offer a simple lunch menu based on their products and this could be seafood, charcuterie or pastry items. U can have gourmet coffees or infusion teas with traditional pastries or enjoy a sweet macaroon, down a dozen freshly shucked oysters in season with champagne, or just simply grab a baguette stuffed with artisan cheeses and cured hams, premium mustards and vine ripe tomatoes.

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