Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Peanut Story

Teochew Satay Beehoon
Stall Number 01-118
Changi Village Hawkers Center

My wife N and I often sometimes head east on the weekends to Changi Village for brunch since we tend to get up a little late than usual. The hawker center there has one of the best breakfast to lunch to dinner items and practically u can eat there anytime of the day. There are many quality stalls here that have been around for years and generations since I start to find my way to go to Pulau Ubin during school holidays for camping trips with friends. Usually we would eat a full meal before hopping onto the bumboat and satisfy ourselves again when we return after spending a few days eating canned food. Its here that I have my favourite Mee Rebus if I am early enough as they are usually sold out by 11am or Fried Carrot Cake done with the dark sweet soya style. The chicken rice here is also good and so is the Chicken Chops Hor Fun. One particular Nasi Lemak stall has crazy queues all day and night though N and I thought nothing much of it as we had tasted others in the same stretch that were just as good if not better.
On this particular round, N and I came across a stall selling Teochew Satay Beehoon. Because it looked so good from the others who were already tucking in, we decided to give it a shot. Each serving was rather substantial with its noodles and other garnishes. The gravy was rich and nutty with a nice aroma of ground roasted peanuts and spices like cumin and coriander. It was not too thick and it gave body to the whole dish bringing out the bland ingredients alive with flavours. It was very enjoyable and we found it just as good as the one in Bukit Timah market where we are also fans of it too.

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